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About Drew


Drew Cordes is a writer and activist from Albany, N.Y., and living in New Orleans. Coercively assigned “male” at birth, they have occupied many identities throughout their life — gay man, crossdresser, trans woman, lesbian, bwashparkutch, queer, trans man, sissy, trans femme and more. They consider their current genderqueer identity a summation and embodiment of that entire history.

Drew is drawn to work around transmisogyny, intersectional anticapitalist politics, post-structural philosophy, epistemology, sex and kink liberation, and creating sustainable queer/trans/kink communities by resisting assimilation and respectability. Living with a brain injury as a result of mainstream psychiatric “treatment,” Drew also pursues work around neurodiversity and disability justice. They aspire to create and engage in alternative healing methods for mental health and trauma, outside of the often oppressive structures of the medical industrial complex.