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When Violence is the Answer

Power, Protest, and Political Uprising There is never a point in time when protest is unimportant, or when various methods of resistance can afford to go unexplored and unevaluated. Social movements are always crucial in improving quality of… Read More

The Monster Called America

Let’s spare ourselves the establishment’s tiresome and specious post-mortem, desperate for a scapegoat demographic to explain How Did This Happen? We all know how this happened. We saw it every day during the campaigns, and we see it every day… Read More

A Jump to the Left, A Step to the Right

Trans Representation and Respectability in Rocky Horror   How D’You Do Rocky Horror is messy. Always has been. Some people love it, some people hate it. Some see it as liberating. Some see it as insulting and misleading…. Read More

This is Not an Essay

Art, work, and identity within capitalism and disability   Descending I want to write. So badly. I want to create something out of my experience with transness and disability. Particularly out of my pain, my shame, and my… Read More

Don’t Fall In

The danger of trans military inclusion   This is an essay I never felt I had to write. I’ve said the things I’m about to say so many times to nodding heads in queer and trans community and… Read More

The Irony of the Fourth

Something in particular bugs me about how we treat the Fourth of July. So many people I know are conscious of the vast destruction done by the U.S. to its own residents, to natives, and to foreigners, and… Read More